Hey, I'm Emily!

I'm a Wedding and Elopement Photographer based in Kansas City, but traveling constantly! What started as a fun little hobby in high school has slowly turned into my dream job!  

I'm always so grateful that my job allows me to see such amazing places and meet so many amazing people. A hopeless romantic myself; I love hearing about everyone's love stories! Getting to document them is just icing on the cake!

I'm actually extremely optimistic and I love to encourage people to chase their dreams! This applies to your wedding day as well! I'm here to really be your biggest supporter and encourage you to plan and live out a day that feels true to you and your love story! 

Photographer, Friend, Coffee Addict-



Growing up, I had some really brilliant role models. Something that was encouraged from a very young age was choosing my path in life intentionally. 

"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life"

I'll tell you what, while I most definitely do work most days, I really do feel like I have found a path that allows me to thrive and continue working on being my best self. 

In finding that, nothing makes me happier than encouraging others to be true to themselves and find what brings them joy. Throw a camera into that and you have an endlessly supportive photographer who wants you to have the most honest, true to you, every-thing-you-ever-wanted- dream wedding day. 

Ive found so much happiness and joy in showing people how beautiful their love is from your picture perfect wedding day, to late night hangs in you jammies. I want to document it all and show you the beauty in it, in you, and in the world. 

We really don't have that much time here, I find photos have been a great way to slow things down to a stop and hold on to these feelings and moments forever. 

I'm living every moment as if its my last-

Glacier is one of my favorite National Parks

This was taken at about 6:30 am we started hiking at sunrise, i had to pee very bad in this photo

What inspires me


Photography allows me to combine some of my favorite things ever! Love, genuine connection, and nature! Every couple has such a unique vision for celebrating their love story and I think that is so beautiful!  

I love to know the WHY behind things. Why are you committing to spending your life together on this gigantic pile of rocks? Why did you decide to have your wedding in December? Why did you fall in love to begin with?

What makes these stories so special and beautiful is just how different they all are, getting to hear about how you met, started dating, and got to where you are now is actually one of my favorite parts.

“Every story I tell is SO different, I get to learn new things every day, meet new people, and travel to some pretty epic places. All because two people fell in love...”

Lexi and Sully had one of the most emotional cereomies I have ever shot

Natalie and I rode the bus together in Elementary school 



Screw 'unprofessional' what we are all beginning to realize is connection is actually what will matter most at the end of the day! 

I want to know your dog's name, what songs make you cry, where you met, what moments have mattered most to you, and all of those little things that make you who you are. In fact, for me to be able to tell your story in the most authentic way, I NEED to know things like that. 

Most of my leading and prompting during shoots is very unposed and more 'guided'! To help me achieve these natural, beautiful, effortless shots I like to referrer back to things I know about the two of you and your love story! 

I will be there for you throughout the entire process! I'm always an email or phone call away! If you're ever finding yourself in need of some advice or guidance leading up to the big day, shoot me a message and let's plan a coffee date! 

More than "Client and Vendor" at the end of the day I want to be your friend! 

We started Kalli and Nicks elopement day by bonding over and watching New Girl together

Im in this photos because the bouquet was literally thrown at me. We love loyal friends



On an ideal day, I would wake up early make myself some coffee and watch the sunrise. I'd probably head to the gym, get some work done and hang out with Noah (my boyfriend). I would do some cleaning in the afternoon, because I find it relaxing and throw on my favorite TV show, New Girl! To end the day, we would have some friends over for Mexican food and game night! 

On a deeper level of things, I am really interested in self-growth and development too! I think if I wasn't a photographer my career path would have leaned towards being a life coach or some sort of teacher! Either way, I would have always wanted to be self employed!  

It's impossible to list my favorite things and not put photography up there though, I have always had a camera in my hand and my phone is always running out of storage trying to keep up with all the moments I have documented and saved. 

Traveling, coffee, waking up early, good friends, books, and Mexican food

This guy is Noah, we have been together since highschool, hes my best friend

Noah and I take tons of road trips, this was one we took from KC to Seattle in 2021


She is not only an amazing photographer; she is kind, positive, affirming, and funny. She is so fun to work with!

C & J

We are a little shy and she made the experience so much fun and easy for us. We popped champagne and she even played our wedding dance song to get us in the mood.

K & P

She took the time to meet with me and my husband and understand who we are and what we wanted from our day.She made it easy, highlighted the love my husband and I feel for each other, and kept us laughing and excited for the next picture or location.

J & D

She has an eye for the in-betweens, capturing the most beautiful moments when you aren’t even aware the camera is on you. She’s the sweetest, too, and will make you feel so comfortable, guiding you into natural, beautiful poses for the camera!



Documenting your one-of-a-kind love story in a way that feels true to you

Let me help you make that happen and start your next adventure -