If you have made it this far, I feel like there are a few things we should establish. I'm willing to bet that you:

- are always up for a new adventure
- are fun loving souls ready to live life to its fullest
- feel deeply connected to your person
- want your day to speak true to who you are, whilst having the time of your life!

Oh perfect! That's where I can help! After dedicating so much time to my couples over the past few years, it's so important to me to capture memories that they can look back and feel years from now. I want you to feel comfortable, happy, and so dang giddy when we're shooting together that you can't help but beam at the love of your life all day. When you look back I want you to remember it all- who was there, the laughs that were had, the tears that were shed, and most importantly how you felt on the best day of your life.

I'm so glad you are here! I feel like we're already best friends!


because you are ready for one hell of an adventure




all the Coffee Dates

Your go-to girl

a little Something Extra

Whether it’s via facetime or in-person coffee date, we’ll make it happen! Lets chat and plan your day!

Years of shooting weddings, sessions, and elopements have resulted in learning tons of helpful tips and tricks just for you!

I'm here for you from day one! If you ever find yourself needing some advice or just some support in planning, shoot me a message! 

Detailed Guides

Online Gallery

48-hour Sneak Peeks

One of my favorite things to do on your day is to capture a few little moments on my polaroid for you to take home day of! 

A full online gallery for you to download and easily share with friends and family!

I know how exciting it can be waiting for those first few images, which is why I promise to have a few beautiful photos for you two to hold onto within 48-hours!



+ Customized Coverage
   coverage ranging between 4 and 12 hour days 

+ Elopement Guide 
   more than 25 pages of useful tips and tricks 

+ Personalized timeline assistance
    to help your day flow seamlessly

+ Location scouting assistance
   help finding all the perfect places for photos 

+ Marriage licensing guidance
   guidance on how to apply 

+ 48-hour sneak peeks
+ Professional editing and retouching

+ Full online gallery for  downloading and sharing

+ Custom wedding album designs

+ Access to Emily at any time for assistance

+ Travel fees included 
    within the US please inquire for travel outside of US

perfect for couples with 20+ guests or couples looking for a more common approch to their day

 + Customized Coverage
    coverage ranging between 6 and 10 hour days

 + Wedding Guide
    more than 25 pages of useful tips and tricks

+ Location Scouting Assistance
   help finding all the best places for photos

 + Personalized timeline assistance
     to help your day flow seamlessly

 + Complimentary engagement/ portrait session
    for couples in need of some more photos

 + Second shooter
    to help capture every special moment 

 + Professional editing and retouching

 + Full online gallery for downloading and sharing

+ Access to Emily for assistance

 + Travel Fees Included within the US
please inquire for travel outside of US

+ Customized Coverage
Coverage ranging between 1 and 4 hours

 + Session Guide
tons of tips and tricks for planning your session

+ Guidance on what to wear
visual guidance on choosing outfits

 + Shoot Planning Assistance
helping us go in with a game plan day of

 + Location Scouting Assistance
helping you find all the best locations for your shoot

 + Multiple Locations Options

 + 48-hour sneak peeks

+ Professional editing and retouching

 + Full online gallery for downloading and sharing

+ Travel Included within the US
please inquire for travel outside of US

Perfect for couples with less than 20 guests, looking for a more adventurous intimate wedding day

Perfect for couples looking to document sweet moments in their life from dating to engagements to anniversaries









Starting at $2800

Starting at $2500

Starting at $450


I'm in your corner from day one! If you're needing support, advice, or just someone to talk with, I'm here to support you! I'm just a message, or an email away! 

01 /

You can just call me the coffee queen, you can 100% count on me stopping by a coffee shop on the way to your wedding or session, so whatever you're needing, shoot me a text! Coffee, energy drinks, snacks, hairspray, bobby pins? I got you!! 

02 /

They call us professional third wheels, and it's true! I'll be there behind the scenes ALL day grabbing those special little moments we talked about earlier! You laughing with your person, all the little snuggles and smiles, all the oops and bloopers. You can bet I'll be there! 

03 /

Let me know what I can do for you! Need me to whip out the teacher voice to round up some friends and family for photos? Or did you forget your veil in the car? Need me to distract someone so you can sneak away for a moment alone? I'm your girl! 

04 /

Breaking the mold

 Your photos


One of the biggest reasons I am here is to help create a day that is a 100% accurate representation of you and your love story. 

We don't have to be afraid to break the mold around here! I've captured my couples sweet early morning coffee ritual the morning of their wedding day, or couples who decided midway through their day that we needed to run to grab street tacos, or even a couple who decided the best way to end the day was jumping into the ocean together!

Whatever is unique and special to you, we can totally add it to your day! Even better I'll be there to capture all the fun and awesome memories we make in the process!

Photos aren't meant to live on a screen 

One of the best things I believe you can do for yourself after your wedding is go ahead and print those photos!

I've been guilty of it too, you get that gallery and send it, share it and download it thinking "I'll go print these off later" Then it's a year later and that frame you bought sits in the corner empty.

When you receive your photos you will have the option to add any prints, wall hangings, albums, or Wooden Print  boxes to your cart right from your gallery! I loved having this option personally and highly recommend it! Don't forget to keep your eye out for discount codes as well! 

"Emily did an amazing job for us during our wedding. She was worth every penny! We had a relatively large wedding event and even though she specializes in elopements, she flawlessly conducted the day even better than I could have asked for. She is incredibly personable and very easy to work with."

Taryn & Austin


All The Highlights From Your Day

Sideshows are a great way to view the highlights of your day to some music. Watch your day unfold from the early hours of the morning to the late night party out on the dance floor! 
If you're not interested in a videographer, slideshows are a great way to help tell the story of your day as it happened! This is also a great way to share with family and friends who couldn't attend!

Sideshow add ons start at $99




Whether you just brought a new family member into the world or you are just looking to document this season of life with your loved ones, family sessions are a must! 

I take a very documentary style approach to these sessions! I love to capture all the sweet candid moments of what life looks like with your family! 

days with those who matter most


Whether you're looking for a special little gift for your person or are just looking to celebrate self love, I'm here for you! I will help you through the whole process making sure you're comfortable 100% of the time!

Boudoir sessions can be a great add on to any wedding package or a great anniversary gift! 

An Intimate Celebration

No two
stories are alike,