Stunning Sweet Yosemite National Park Elopement

June 9, 2022

Emily Arwine


From the first time I spoke with Kalli, I knew her and Nick’s day would be so sweet and sentimental. She had such light and joy about her. I officially met Nick the morning of their elopement and through little giggles, touches, and quiet moments I could see how devoted they were to each other. They both, especially Kalli, spent the whole morning laughing and snuggling while we listened to their favorite music. They had such great taste in music (Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift) and TV shows (New Girl) and it made me feel like if we lived closer we would definitely be good friends.

Kalli and Nick spent their morning together in cozy clothes and I had the opportunity to capture some moments as they let the time pass, before making their way to separate areas of the Airbnb to get ready. After they both were finished they had a sweet first look moment in the garden at the back of the property. We then packed up and headed out to explore the park before their ceremony.

The day was full of little hikes and adventures. We took our time exploring the little trails covering the top of Glacier Point, where their ceremony was set to be, taking photos and chatting. Their ceremony was so beautiful as they read their handwritten vows out of their personalized vow book. Their officiant Jess led them through the ceremony and did SUCH an amazing job.

Afterward, we headed to the Taft Point Trailhead where we took the trail down to the jaw-dropping cliffs. We took plenty of little detours on the way down for photos and just to explore! As the sun fell out of the sky we watch and soaked up the last little moments of their sweet special day.

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